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Necklace of energy

In the menu to equip items the necklace shows it gives 30 energy but when i equip it my energy only increases by 11. When i was lvl 44 my energy went from 107 to 118 but now that im lvl 45 it goes from 104 to 115 how did i lose points in my energy when i put more points into focus.

Re: Missin' Chicken Quest

Hi Odin When did you last lose the quest? There was an issue with quests that was fixed in the weekend. The quest should be fine now. i tried this quest again today and found the black dumpy for the first time and now when i go to the beach where i was able to find the brown marsh before is now jus...

Missin' Chicken Quest

i can only find 2 chickens. ive had the quest disappear about 5 times and each time i start again i can only get the white stumpy and the brown marsh or the white stumpy and black dumpy i can never get the brown and black at the same time making it impossible to finish the quest.

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