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Re: Spear and Shield Ranger

Dex isn't important but it does help. I have a lesser chance of my attacks missing and also evading more. I also enjoy having a higher heal which comes from a higher dex. Its more of a layed back style of playing. Its also helpful while grouping instead of having a druid I can heal whoever is taking...

Re: Spear and Shield Ranger

I have a similar build but I started out with high dex and not str. Str 175 Dex 300 Foc 10 Vit 100 All my points are now going to str. The gear I use are a bloodlust, golden venom, diamond pike, heroic gloves, heroic rejuv ammy, warder bp and greaves, grand and fabled ring of spears. For skills i ha...

Re: Rapid shot is garbage

There is a slight benifit from investing points into rapid shot(RS). While training on the blue eyes I noticed after I lowered RS back to 1 that I was no longer able to counter act the effect of terrifying gaze(TG). With 5 points in RS you can cast it while under the effect of TG and it will be remo...

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