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Re: Open beta reward

Is this about the beta that came after CG beta? I actually dont even remember a reward being promised. But tbh if they can focus on taking feedbacks on current update rather than give a reward for some open beta Id be happier. Yes The beta reward will be coming out with the next big update this Spr...

Re: Avengers Endgame!!!

My favorite.... uhm... Its tough, in the MCU everyones nerfed a bit and fit more into storyline, in the comics Ironman is much more likeable as well as Black Panther due to how op he is (chokeheld the silver surfer). I feel like they need to give Ironman a bit more strength and show more of his ski...

Re: Lock Wars Question

As most people are replying, this info might not be valid anymore. Mostly because it’s 3 years old. Don’t necropost kids, it makes puppies cry.
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Re: What can we do to prevent further Bloodthorn griefing?

About the only thing you can do is open a ticket with support by emailing support@onethumbmobile.com with a link to the video, date & time, and any other information that can help VR understand the situation. It may fall under the zone disruption clause, or it may not depending on the circumstan...

Re: A Beast Awakens

Is it just me, or is everyone else also expecting the new update to drop after the Dragon Event is over? Don’t believe beta is done yet. I imagine it will be soon but still some stuff left to polish and smooth out! It’ll be worth the wait though :) ...I mean, yeah, after, but not immediately lol :?...

Re: Tokens

As a player I agree with this. They water down the chests. It also gives people who want a particular color of fashion a predictable path to get that color.

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