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Re: Rate my Druid hybrid build

This is my hybrid druid build at level 146 Helm: mighty silverweb life weaver Chest: wyrmbone Legs: wyrmbone Feet: spirit armor (more focus) Wrists: ancient BB Ammy: perceptor pendant of gaze (140) Charm: grand sliverweb of earth Wrist1: healers bracelet of totems Wrist2: grand frost iron bracelet ...

Re: Hey question wonderful Druids :)

also I use nt for healing my self also forgot to say I use a storm touch recast 10% also aggys braces are 75 focus 5 lighting strike also a vit one 75 vit 5 lighting strike both braces have 250 nature magic for dps also my healing gear is a focus aggy nt brace and a 140 focus set im trying to grab a...

Hey question wonderful Druids :)

Asking u wonderful Druids around the world is (2.1k heal nt at 50) for a level 150 Druid good also having (5.1k light strike at 50)also (5.1k Storm touch at 39) also( 1.9k vines at 30) also I level with 3k hp atm also 3k nature magic thank you fellow Druids

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