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Re: Hey question wonderful Druids :)

also I use nt for healing my self also forgot to say I use a storm touch recast 10% also aggys braces are 75 focus 5 lighting strike also a vit one 75 vit 5 lighting strike both braces have 250 nature magic for dps also my healing gear is a focus aggy nt brace and a 140 focus set im trying to grab a...

Hey question wonderful Druids :)

Asking u wonderful Druids around the world is (2.1k heal nt at 50) for a level 150 Druid good also having (5.1k light strike at 50)also (5.1k Storm touch at 39) also( 1.9k vines at 30) also I level with 3k hp atm also 3k nature magic thank you fellow Druids

Re: To Ascension Clanmates

Love your response laws. Lol. Trying to get people to think that there is any structure in your clan besides favoritism. Our rules are made to help our clan not other clans. If someone sells a clan earned drop then they have given up there right to get a drop from that boss. It is not necessarily w...

Re: To Ascension Clanmates

Thanks homie also I'll be on that road with u all the way if need anything u know we're I am home u enjoy ur stay here also Ik being in a top clan is tuff I couldn't handle it idk why too much on my Chest I guess also Ohh well that's in the past Im here if anythin u can always pm :-)

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