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Re: It's all over

VultureFromDanu wrote:It was a fun time playing with you. Even though many didn't like you so much, I really did enjoy alot of the laughs we had together on this game. Good luck on your future plans and be careful about the selfies you take! ;)

Later thanks bud I had fun too :-) I'll be visiting :-)

Re: It's all over

xxFireMercxx wrote:See yea around homie i still owe you that coke at Virginia Beach :) keep it cool man and have a good one

We better have that Coke homie

Re: It's all over

Cyprus wrote:Shame,,,,,you are definitely one of danus characters pit bull, hope you find peace on another world rg.

Ty bud Ima miss u too bud

It's all over

Well recently I been thinking about Danu and yes since I'm the most hated many have told me to kill my self to quit also many more but yea I been thinking and I'm gonna move outta Danu finally didn't want to and yes ik most of you don't care at all prob gonna respond saying Idc bye but I'll like to ...

Re: Continuous Propaganda!!

agreed kudos is a nice clan nice ppl no forcing to boss or anything pretty smooth how Asc on the other hand yes they get everything but what's the point if your getting yelled at or threatened for demotion or anything in my eyes Asc too bossy kudos chill. They do almost the same amount of bosses but...

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