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Re: Omg stop.

UrMerGurdDanu wrote:Also, mods, please lock this topic. We have an angry spider on a rampage!

Urmergaurd u do know mods not gonna listen to u right they lock wat they plz Lol stop callin the shots lol

Re: For zeus

Smidge wrote:Nude pictures of yourself are forbidden on this forums.

cus naked pics is all he thinks duh lol

Re: Ascension/Kudos clan war

this is still going over old ground....living in the past permanently ex kudos abusers ....have joined prime/ascension ex prime/ascension abusers.....have joined kudos its 50/50 and always will be. danu just going sideways but gradually slipping on a monthly basis .....look at the inactivity/quit l...

Re: Low level taunt glitch??

This question is really for OTM, but I am interested to everyone else's opinions on it as well. Currently in my world, we have a 105 warrior with typical 105 warrior lux gear, 28 taunt, 28 warcry and 730 vit build. This "tank" is somehow able to out aggro and reset Garanak and dragon lord...

Re: Is it true OTM nerfing idols?

Or, why not offer them both? Allow Ancient idols to continue to be sold, which give full health, but no energy (which is what they presently do), and sell a new type of idol that gives 1000 health and 1000 energy? That way people can choose which they would prefer? true dat 1+ This would drive pric...

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