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Re: Is it true OTM nerfing idols?

Or, why not offer them both? Allow Ancient idols to continue to be sold, which give full health, but no energy (which is what they presently do), and sell a new type of idol that gives 1000 health and 1000 energy? That way people can choose which they would prefer? true dat 1+ This would drive pric...

Re: Scammer in Kudos

-Kola- wrote:
RogueGods.. wrote:Why cant we just stop really I havent been playin for months ik ik and seeing this makes me not wanna return speakin for prime kudos u guys know I been there good and bad I had my ups and downs normal rgs stuff but cmon now can we all get along
i saw u being a **** ing
huh kola

Re: All Dex Rogues

Hmm try the lvl 100 dex offhand very good profits gives attack and a huge amout of dex I found me usin it lvl 150 one ur stats look good hope I helped ohh and replace qs with poison wep better in the dps run

My Return Maybe

RogueGods here I might be comin back on august 1 6 days from now idk if I even wana come back due from wats happenin in danu right this sec well cya around my fellow peoples

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