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Re: Hrungnir camping - how does it happen in your world?

Not taking sides but Avalon peeps do stay logged in a lot and for hrungnir if Avalon sees a lot of havoc they bring a lot more but anyway I haven't been playing a lot due to being kicked so I don't really care but I noticed this as I played this server but ya Avalon has a unfathomable load of Alts a...

Re: Stop ksing my druid

mattsneak wrote:
Dark wrote:
Legislative wrote:you all so dead for ks his druid !,

tbh k wouldnt mess with that ranger in arena.. made my experience ..

Dont think any ranger has been able to kill my mage man

Dragon you are the biggest noob on danu so stfu.....

Man im the biggest noob on danu :)

Re: Problem with sreng

Not to mention, you took that screenshots when you kept trying to kill all the mobs in summoning chambers while i was trying to lix with my ranger. Not everything appears as it seems Ohh no you were ksing me and they came and cleared everything tell them how it went .. Ksing doesn't exist, that's w...

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