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Re: Dino since last patch

The boss is extremely punishing for anything short of absolute perfection. It is clear VR wants everything being killed and does not want clans using their max potential, ie all hands on deck. The cap on the number of players should be implemented in another way. Their should not be a way for anyone...

Griefing at Dino

Is it possible for players to receive punishment for repeated intentional griefing at Dino. The boss's mechanics encourage it from players that are malicious and resentful, and are a byproduct of ignorant watchers. On morrigan we are clan based it is not ffa. But we have players that refuse to leave...

Re: Warrior weapon question

If you are willing to hotswap. Favoriting an obsidian Pike for double attack skill is an extremely strong option as a low level. Though it does get less impressive the further you go into endgame. The same could apply to your askold axe for example. But eragon is right. As far as using these weapon ...

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