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Re: Double shot+double attack

Hot swapping for doubleshot works well. Equipping a spear will remove your quiver so youd need to hotswap spear and offhand, then double attack. This is too big of a hassle. Doubleshot already eats up some autos as it is though the benefits of a guaranteed double auto in doubleshot have some merit.

Re: Questions about new update

We don't have a "standard" reset time. It depends on what we're doing. We want to make sure we have enough time to fix something should it break. So likely, we'll avoid untested resets on Fridays or late in the day. We're going to do the level lock penalty first. We'll see how it goes and...

Re: CG Boss Tampering

Griefing in this sense is still shameful and ban worthy imo. I'm no developer but if you want a player base vote tally. Ban griefers even griefing done with in game mechanics. This is as close it gets to pvp outside of castle/arena.

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