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Lots and lots of Questions

1. How is the most powerful clan number generated in the leader boards? 2. How recent does someone have to have played to be considered an active player in the leader boards? 3. What's the attack speed of attacking while holding nothing at all? 4. What's the cap on how fast the attack speed of a wea...

Connacht Vanquisher Helmet Price?

There hasnt been any posts in 2015 or 2016 so far with the word "vanquisher" in them for Morrigan at least, I checked so yeah. I just barely got it and I know I don't want to collect any of the sets so I wanted to get rid of it, but I don't know what its worth at all. I didn't put this in ...

Do you know what happened to his youtube channel? Or could you ask him if you get the chance to?

Where'd you go

Does anyone know what happened to Herry on the forums or TrueAppGames on YouTube or Ryotaro in game? A long time ago I remember wanting to watch his videos again but i just couldn't think of his channel's name. Today I randomly came across a comment he made on some other ch youtuber's channel but wh...

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