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Re: Requesting transparency regarding 'rare' mob spawns

Releasing a brace which is dream for many players does encourage people. Why wouldn't we farm ? Why wouldn't we want to spend hours everyday fig that brace ? They exist according to developers so there's a chance of spawn. It's completely different than playing lottery. You're so funny. Oh no I'm n...

Re: Quality of Life Improvements

I would love to see an update that balances skills according to how the game actually is , rather than how the game is supposed to be. Skills like e-shield, e-boost, and e-harvest are all fairly good skills, I even use e-boost on my mage, the problem is, they don’t really scale well enough for most...

Re: Dead servers

In regards to dead servers. If VR doesn't consider any server to be currently dead. I can understand that perception. The strain on endgame is real but VR might be looking at an entire server's activity. Is it possible to split a thread instead if merging it? This is a mess lol. But it's so hard to ...

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