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Re: To the player base.

IMO ch is the best mobile mmo available right now. I've tried all the others, but none seem to run as friendly as this one. The community is possibly the best I've ever seen in a game, boss fights challenging, content updated regularly, the grind is rewarding, I can go on. Considering this game has ...

Re: New player rogue

Do the free plat offers, should be able to get at least 50 a week. Get a chest with it and sell it for 20k easy. Do bounties and gladiators every day. Try and max out on bounties, you can make a couple thousand a day on this as well as decent xp (and tokens). When you get to level 70-80 level on the...

Re: which clan is stronger?

Invic~100-160 players, friendly, immature, mostly frozen bosses, some dl Sylph~130-180 players, friendly, mostly dl/frozen, aggy, castle camp often Ronin~160-220, dramatic, owns most dls, can do edl mains with bolas, prideful, raid up to hippo(have done mordy couple times), higher individual value (...

Re: Big Sale.

They are extremely rare because it's been years since last the event where you could get them... Maybe there is like , what, 3 or 4 black lughs in Belenus? I have White and Black :))))))), Ryyyuuk has a black, and idk anyone else with a black... I have a a white and 2 blacks on bele :/ they are nas...

Re: One clan

Then there'd be no competition, people would get bored and quit. What's the point of camping snorri if you aren't afraid of anyone else killing it

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