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Good world to start on!

Im currently on taranis but its so boring, especially when lvling alts. I haven't spent much money on my characters so I'm thinking to either completely drop them or maybe transfer some lux and whas wondering what world would be good to go to. I would like a really active world structured but not to...

Re: questions about classes

Well Warrior is pretty good for all these but fun, warrior also has way better armor and better auto but less good skills than all classes (except a full buffed ranger's auto is better) all classes can be good at bossing, group and solo but depending on your play style some will be funner. Rogue If ...

Re: Goodbye Celtic Heroes!

Bye, Im leaving too I only got to lvl 100 but Iv already spent to many years on this game (no plat) and hours and I really don't want the endless grind for no horizontal conten so maybe y'oul want to join me on Wow and GL to you and everybody else! :l

Re: Level 100

Ya, I suggest all vit and foc, dex is kinda useless. I thought you said full suport ? So, what r u doing getting hit? Even if you switch to dps doesn't ur touch heal a ton even at lvl like zero? Anyway great job getting to lvl a hundred and I assume no lixes :|

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