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Fire or Ice Mage

I've read so many post and stickies about this but I still can't figure out witch one to use Ice or Fire Mage. I want a Mage that is good for lvl mostly (solo and groupe) but also good for bossing and not terrible for pvp. I deleted my last Mage to start this one so I will be starting from lvl 1. An...

Rogue skills

Could someone give me a list of all rogue skills and a little description for me thx this would really help me out.

Re: What are the best skills for a rogue just starting out(l

either you talked to the wrong pigman or he trolled you lol. hide is terrible for lvling. max ss, qs, riposte and ls. rest in reflex. if you lvl in a grp swich reflex for sneaky. for stats use 2/1/2 str/dex/vit a lvl. ur dps is good and u survive long. Actually he didn't recommend me for skills onl...

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