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Re: Dexterity in druids

People do use dex in some druid builds, but at lower levels it is generally agreed that it isn't really worth it. Focus gives you much more value per stat point as it increases the potency of all your spells. (including natures touch, why dodge anything when you can just heal it up and do more dmg w...

Re: New player here

Hey there, welcome to the game and forums :). May I ask what server your playing on? I've noticed a few french (speaking at least) players in game myself, as I also speak french. I'll make sure to say hi if I do see you.

Re: Tokens

Getting things that arent useful at all makes people more hesitant to buy chests. Removing the vastly overpoppulated fash tokens or replacing them with something that would be more universally useful could make them a bit more worth buying for some players. Lol, your conservativeness caught me off ...

Re: Tokens

This is one of the best ideas I've seen. I'd make it so you can use your fash tokens to still get it from the bounty shop, but not so you can trade them in. Maybe make it so you can get any fash if you have enough tokens. It would be nice if old tokens became useful, but I think at this point if we ...

Re: Newcomer questions

Hey adam, welcome to the game. To answer your easy questions, the max boss is level 220, hard cap isn't really a thing in ch. The bank is in farcrag castle, if you fast travel to the courtyard ley just run left and past the auction house, on your map it looks like a pile of three coins I think. The ...

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