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Re: What would you do?

Not going to argue with y'all. Since DOM wanted bring all of Celtic Heroes into server politics, thought I would let them know DOM is not the perfect angels discribed. Also wanted to remind DOM the only reason you got your first clan BT kill as soon as you did was because COMP was willing to work w...

Re: Oldschool RuneScape

RuneScape is a more solo pvm game. Old school is a more community pking game. Runescape has MTX, OS has none. Both have the same base content, quests, and gear with slight differences from 2007+ as the years go on. Runescape is way more skillfull and difficult, the mechanics of Os are pretty simple ...

Re: Fix ASAP

Yes definitely nerf firestorm, ice blast, explosive arrow, bees etc in pvp, The target recieves full damage in PVP and the extras only take 25-50%. This keeps the strength of AoE skills without making them completely broken in Multi Way pvp areas. Most games have similar mechanics in pvp when it com...

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