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Re: Arcane Sanctum Runes

Lame response by OTM, once again showing their lack of understanding for what the players are asking for. If you go back to my old thread about runes I gave two options to fix it and the overwhelming response was restrict what the rune can damage not lower its drop rate which is already abysmally low.

Re: Gelebron is Being Abused

I think pointing fingers over who broke the agreement is stupid, I am not sure which side wrote it up but it was badly written and it isn't the fault of any one clan. By the wording of the agreement, it wasn't broken because what happened was a grey area. If another agreement does get written up it ...

Re: Gelebron is Being Abused

Aeternum started it, yes. Relent (myself included) escalated it. There was an agreement, badly written up that didn't take into account many possibilities which should've been addressed. No point continuing to point fingers, either work through it, with another deal/agreement or wait for OTM to fix ...

Re: Swastika

Yall morons. Lil cryabbies jeeeeeez. Are you looking for something to cry about? Wow! You look at that statue and you can barely see it, do you just go around CH looking for offencive things just so you can get attention on forums? Wowwwwwww. Next they're going to threaten to sue but sorry kiddos y...

Re: Swastika

Devious Devil wrote:Top kek, SJWs be SJWing in a mobile game board.

'Idiots, Social Justice Warriors be Social Justice Warring in a mobile game forum'

I believe this is what he said, can't be sure as I am not fluent in uneducated. However, I tried my best.

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