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Re: Trading!!

JxOxCampbell wrote:
rysnthedestroyer wrote:Yup, I am just showing off my 2, 1 mill ammys! It is not necessary for you to know, I just wanted you to realise I'm one rich dude!


Gl on the trade, just couldn't help it ^

Hehehe that made me lol :lol:

Re: Trading!!

This is the worst deal ever chests r going for 20k ea atm so 60kx20 makes 1.2m why not just sell chests buy ammy from shop and have 200k left over?

Maj broom of winter

I recently acquired a majestic broom of winter but a lvl 60 sold it too me was it krannik(i think he had one but maybe it was divine) or some other person only people i knew that had one were connie atlas and rimple? Any ideas who it could be?

Re: deadroot

Yah he dropped mind air and fire tablets but in update 4 they replaced Deadroot with coppringer I have a funny story after carrow dunskeig and them came out i was camping deadroot for weeks untill i finally asked soli why DR or any phs werent spawning anymore probably the most lols ive ever seen in ...

Re: deadroot

in the middle of killing DR falgren spawns and we almost lose but we managed to kill both of them in the end

Connact Armour

They spawn about once a month and ive killed both 1 month apart First time was Hagan the warrior one and a bp was dropped which jawdropper now owns.
Today the pathfinder one spawned and pathfinder gloves dropped i will take offers on it but unlikely i will sell

Re: Hello!

Rogue is easily the most common class yes but it is also my favourite class, Anyway i hope you enjoy ur stay in gwyidon and u will find out we are awsome and fun people :)

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