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Re: 'Tis Time

Cya wouldnt wanna be ya


I would i wanna get off this game too but im hooked and cooked baby

Re: transfer

OMG quercos before this i never really knew u but u just jumped to possibly 3rd on my all time favourite players list ur a doing wheelies cracker LOLOLOLOL that was the best thing ive ever hear

Re: Bad Bad Bad surprise

I remember killing ythair with the niff familys clans forgot the name it was either a rad ES bp greater or lesser i just said the best one but i remember it looked like the same as the rad bp same with the legs idk which one it was. the bank acc was made 2.5 years ago not the last time i logged it t...

Bad Bad Bad surprise

As i was cleaning my room yesterday i found a piece of paper that held the acc info of my bank 2 and a half years ago It was filled with rares such as Wand of Hallows Darkflame gloves, rad bp and legs 2 bloodlust helms majestic broom of embers and lots more rares i was extremely excited and went str...


Buying Items Majestic broom(any kind) pink lankrik legs Snowbound White frostguard helmet and gloves Blue lankrik legs and boots Full yellow lankrik(no helm) I will buy any lux or rares u r selling for lower than normal price(only use this option if desperate) Royal shadowstrike ring Selling Fire a...


Completely refurbished new shop enjoy! Shoplifters will be prosecuted, if you are rude fines will be issued. BUYING wyrmbone bow midnight tali FEATURED Purple lanrik set(no hat) no set price but highest offer is 4k plat Charms/fashion White suit- 7k Tor caith charm- 5k Purple party crown- 20k Blue p...

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