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Re: Double shot brace

How do you swap it? You lose the cooldown when you unequip it. I'm confused There's a certain swap technique to use to stop that happening. If you do it incorrectly you will lose the cool down like you said. i would like to know this technique since i haven't experimented much with cooldown braces ...

Re: Full dex auto ranger

Excuse my language, but what the hell? Just like a full str ranger but with full dex, ik i dropped around 400 damage but increased my attack dramatically but my thinking now is whats the use of having alotta damage if your hits just dont hit, used to get every prot kill till a ranger who has doch g...

LVL 188 Alt mage

so my alt which i am leveling is having trouble with energy, i seem to be running out extremely fast. 4minuits, when i have asked other mages if they ran out of energy at my lvl they said they didnt have a single problem

Will update with my stats and gear once i get home.

Re: sharpshot at eg?

I have tried it, and this is with a godly Mordy sharpshot brace and with a godly current event charm to swap and i lasted not even a full day with sharp shot before alting back

Quick question

Ok so there's someone from a clan in danu they're saying some of their members are having health glitch problems, aparently their health gets cut les than half even on combo and they say they wearnt on curse. Anyone ever heard of this, should I believe them or is it just one of their excuse they fai...

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