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Re: Level 80 Gear Choices

i dont specialize in lower lvl gear as much but i suggest just trying to get a bow of the lizzard king the pushing through to lvl 100 then try get an offhand quiver and maybe a haste ring depends if you have much money or not it may take some time in the mean time just get meteoric armour

Re: How to be a Professional DPS Ranger

I could argue into the finer detail but it's a good overview for Rangers to read through Nice ammount of effort put in to writing this up hope 100% of Rangers who don't know how to be a ranger read and take something from it and use it ingame What finer details is there to argue? major thing is the...

Re: Update - Changes - Beta

absolutely NOTHING again for smaller based clans who can only get a 1 full group at a time .... where is our dungeons where smaller clans can actually get online in time reasonably and actually kill something with a meaning. this is also leads ...OTM your boss lock system and end game is now gettin...

Re: Scammers.

Usually people who world xfer have had enough of waiting for stuff on one world and doesn't want to wait for people so the clan can progress.

Has been kicked out of the most dominant clan joined the less dominant clan noticed how bad it is there.

Has hot a bad rep from scamming/stealing.

Re: Fishing Update Screenshots

i honestly hope fishing is actually for something because if its just to feed pets then im sure there will be some place to buy the food, i wouldnt waste any part of my day fishing when i can just spend a few thousand in a shop for food which takes less than 5 seconds. Next event boss make it somewh...

Re: Dps help

Mich since i am at the end game bosses with u i have a fairly good idea why warriors dont get the kill as seeing what gets done at bosses, Lure, its all to do with the lure :D so blame mages for only ever using pierce fire and ice lures at all endgame bosses (except prot with magic lure, and geleb w...

Re: Dps help

Necro, hrung, aggy.... Killed by mage (Except one kill we had full edl ranger with weps help) if a mage gets a kill over an end game rogue or ranger on necro and hrung either the dps are undergeared majorly and the mage is op or tell the mage to alt to peirce lure because it makes the raid bosses a...

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