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Re: Danu's Buying & Selling thread

Buying the following items doesn't matter aggy osan anything as long as it adds that to skills and paying with huge amounts of cash.. +8or more lure of fire brace.. +8 or more lure of ice brace.. + 8 or more lure of ice ring.. +7or more lure of Giants ring.. +8 or more freeze ring.. +10 magic lure m...

Re: Deadliest Catch!

I loved the fishing in this update for a few hours then I grinded to see how hard it was to get a bear which was boring and completely messed up since I spent more hours trying to get a bear (I didn't) then lvling to 53 haven't done it since AWESOME JOB WITH THIS -.- letdown again

Re: Ruining Gelebron fight?!

On danu Usually gelebron doesn't get grieved but I've had one guy from the opposing clan try and ks me when I was lvling my Mage for 4hrs straight kinda good coz he's in the opposing clan and is really bad :D It's why I continued to lvl coz he wasn't ksing but he tried :P

Re: Casters and Spears

Plus3 wrote:You just need attack, that's all ability gives you. There are some viable caster spear builds under lvl140 using radiant es armor and attack boost items.

Ability when trained adds attack and damage to your hits.

Re: Mage prot kills

Idk how well geared some of you guys are but yes I consistently get a fair amount of Prot kills. I'm also decked out with all Godlies and now recently with full doch gul set. I say that to say this a mage with a decent amount of fire/ice magic and recast gear can out dps almost anyone in the tower....

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