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Re: lieing

Genesis I said its not directed atthe whole of prime only the few who just get enjoyment about trying to wreack others Celtic heroes experience... They needs think how would they feel if they had someone lieing for the fun on it to get u banned from a clan or sonething.... Geeze wow I've been playin...

Re: lieing

Yeah... Its not directed at the whole of prime there's just the select few... Its just what's it going to accomplish?....and is this what you want people in your clan to be doing just for the hell of it..


I'm gonna make this short coz I know people don't like to read massive paragraphs.

I logged on today and got questioned and someone in prime had been saying lies about me..its not the first time.

Can a prime please explain why your clan is doing this and what its going to achive Thankyou

Re: Totally had enough

Smeagle give me a list of all the scammers in kudos and what they did. I've normally tried to keep out of all the scanning stuff people do. but ill see what I can do for you. If I can get a result then prime should have a look at their members to. I hate scammers coz I've been a victim of a scam. An...

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