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Re: Snorri

Lockers are a strategy which was implemented after the level lock(thanks otm) you can't complain about something you yourself could do just as easy as they do. With lockers it doesn't even take good boss drops just some gold sacrifice to make it a good locking toon. However as annoying as they can ...

Re: Full dex auto ranger

E3D wrote:What build is good while lvls?

E, It's all on the access of gear but since ur rangers only 110 use skills split Dex and Str up evenly make sure u got enough HP and u should be fine.

Re: Snorri

I'm going to post my opinion, placeholders are a great idea but it's the rate of when the fulls spawn, make them spawn frequently at a minimum 2-3 placeholders before a full or 5* not 15-20 or even more as some people have to put up with. And to Muldar what would the best action for someone to repor...

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