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what i meant that they should have a ads as a commercial it would help expanding the game's popularity that how clash of clan got popular (still think its a boring game) the only reason clash of clans got popular because of the ads


so do you think celtic heroes should have an ADS since its actually a very amazing game if so i want to help with any possible way ;)


lets start with a couple questions 1-do you buy iTunes to purchase platinum or gold? and how much iTunes 2-do you buy chest with platinum or gold? and how much 3-what is the best prize you got from a chest? 4- what do you like the most from a chest 5-if you won a jackpot such as 2,000,000 gold or 4,...

respect campers

lets say you are level 150 and you were walking in a place and you found a (level 60 5 stars event boss) and there was a random level 70 player who camped him for hours lets say that the drop is for both the camper and your alt would you help him or take the loot for you level 60 alt? we should resp...

please join taranis

we have the lowest amount of players and topics in taranis and we need to be equal to all servers because if someone levelled his character to 200 and then realised that the server he is on is the lowest server or not very popular with celtic heroes youtubers he will get sad and wish that he was on ...

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