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collected for nothing

i had 491 serpent skins before the beltane 2016 update came out i was storing them to make a video about redeeming 500 serpent skins for the fashion hats but all of a sudden my wifi stopped working for 1 week and the new update came out the next day and i couldn't redeem my 491 serpent skins it woul...

a list of faerie queen drops

the faerie queen is one of my favroite bosses so maybe we should share our knowledge about her like: 1-a list of what she drops 2-how much does she take to spawn 3-does killing the queen guard(4 stars) spawn her next or the queen guard is just her add so far i got from her 1-Glimmerwing Leafklit Slo...

questions about mage

1-what is the best main hand for mage?

2- what is the best off hand for mage?

3-focus or vitality?

4-does the focus increases the mage's spell damage?

5-what does dexterity help the mage with?

i would like to hear your opinions :)

Re: Racist player

Yea but I don't think he is Muslim and he says he named it for no (reason) and as a Muslim I think that is pretty disturbing and annoying and I am 100% sure allahu Akbar isn't useable as a name since its a pray word which will make most of the Muslims mad

Re: Racist player

I tried to ask him why did he named himself that but he says for no resion and keep arguing about it a lot of people told me the same thing and the word allahu Akbar is close enough to be a hemulating religion meem I've seen it alot

Racist player

So I was playing as usually but then i found a character naming himself (allahu akbar) I was shocked to see that name I tried to under stand why did he named himself that but he said for no reason and a lot of people kept asking him the same question but he keep block them as he is hemulating Muslim...

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