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Re: Modern Combat 3-4-5

Heya Natalie, yea Mc5 is disappointing at first.... But then i realise that there arent many Mc3/4 players anymore so I started playing Mc5 and if something missing, its most likely the speed(you can turn on/off sprint button)

Modern Combat 3-4-5

Hello!! Does anyone play Modern Combat 3-4-or 5?? I am a Veteran in all 3 lol My name on all of them is BulletTaco except Mc5 My name on Mc5 is TZ-BulletTaco™ I am currently in the squad named... TZ| it is yellow and most of us have a Veteran ks... Join if there is space... Im Lvl 89 and im a HandyM...

Re: Bye

Cmon bud......dont leave me here by myself You Matches and Diablo and a few more are the only people who are my true friends...

Re: class\server

Hello! Im a Danuan Want Competition?? Come to Danu! Want a server that needs Rangers?? Come to Danu!! Want Friendly People?? Come to Danu!(Ign is Eratos) I like ur name lol recently made a druid named 'Mother Nature' Over Populated with Rogues... Need Druids,Rangers If u do come... Welcome Ill be he...

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