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Re: hey hey

Next month you guys will have new comp with all new players... Crom hasnt changed lol im glad i got out

Buying and selling

Mordy spear (dark) 4 million gold!!!!!!!
:P :P :P :P
Jalan shrivewood set lvl 150 req: 450k
Jalan ironroot ring lvl 150 req: 80k
Jalan stonebark/spiritseed rings lvl 150 req: 55k each
60/60 focus vit riftskull lvl 170 req: 55k
100 exps 4k each
Mail me in game: MickJagger

Re: Bad luck enrage

Armo wrote:Crom is actually doing great right now, there's 3 'top' clans, whereas it used to be 1.5.

All this crap is just being caused by a small group of people, who have nothing better to do.

Im enjoying myself more without the bs i had in enrage (no pun intended)

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