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and then he was gone

Alright. I'm gone again, for now.

Every damn clan I'm in weather it's Excalibur, Serenity, RedDawn or Uskoci it disbands. No friends to play with. Nothing to look forward to. Bye

Re: Impersonator

We all dont want scammers, so instead of uskoci accussing bada, and bada accusing uskoci, and since you have talked to the scammer and SS, why not report this to OTM and get his/her devices banned. They banned Papi s devices, im sure they can do this also to the scammer. They banned Papi? Why'd tha...

Re: Rabbit glitch

When the game was brand new, like before any updates, there was a huge glitch where if you grouped someone when you first made a character, you could keep killing dire hounds and always get the same XP no matter what level you are. So you technically could get to level 200 in a matter of hours, with...

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