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Re: Unsolved Mysterys

The second one, to be serious, where do we go after we die? If that mystery was solved, those 131 pages of the discussion about religion thread would all be done. There is an answer to that. The reason there is 131 pages is because there is monkey believing atheist who think we evolved from bacteri...

Re: Unsolved Mysterys

Ive got two, why the weather in the US is so strange...(people talk of global warming, and then come winter, the snowstorms are so bad that hundreds of flights are canceled every day, the government shuts down for a day or two, and places get so far below 0 they get more then 100 degree below what ...


Does Guffy still play? Don't see him on the forum anymore.

Re: Restored Characters

Siryourchange wrote:Nope ur screwed
Piece of garbage

PureDPS wrote:Anyone know if OTM can restore accidently deleted characters? Or at least get the items off of them?
Yes they have everything stored on their servers and can restore your account. Just send a support ticket.

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