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Re: All my friends

Anyone have a yep your screwed with that iPod, or phone? OR nah they are working on it Peebs I have the same problem it will get better. Gosh I even miss Ish and cookie now that's how bad it's getting. Jking lol! Need a CH fix!

All my friends

Hey, and hello, I didn't relize how many friends I actually have on this game. Thank you all so much for the messages. Any one else can't get on because of update? I feel your Pain. I just read the Forums now like watching the news. :( hope to see you all soon some day? Xoxoxo Peebs


Hi, Arjun, I got my black wings as an alt. I'm gonna need that mount lol you know what I'm talking about.


OTM, still a few of us out here lost after update. A few of us that actually bought or buy platinum. Maybe start a post for us? So we know your there? Thanks


Thank you so much for you're concern. Umm what I seen from Alf posts yeah I'm sorta in the same situation after update. However I'm not having a device problem. I'm in a bad area. No wifi or Internet hope to see you soon. Bids? Something good, I'm all in! Peach can speak for me:). Thanks for all the...

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