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Re: How to find boggan charms

Boggan charms can only be bought from players now they were a reward in one of the chests but have been removed and replaced by the trees. The joke about then being found in war beast eggs isnt true so dont try to buy an egg thinking u will get a charm out of it. Awww why did u tell em :( Cause he ...

Boggan chieftains?

Hi are all colors of boggan chieftains looted on world herne?
Chieftain Brot-Ven Charm (pink)
Chieftain Kor-Jara Charm (yellow)
Chieftain Mer-Zemek Charm (purple)
Chieftain Ral-Nagon Charm (red)
Chieftain Suna-Krel Charm (orange)
Chieftain Taka-Hul Charm (green)
Is there one missing?

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