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Re: A Beast Awakens

Is that new fashion the guy wearing ? Looks like more "electrical" object will come with next update. Idk, looks more like another suit fashion to me, here's a zoomed in image of it. https://i.postimg.cc/Gh4wR331/new-fashion.jpg That's a representative of the Institute and he isn't wearin...

Re: 225+ mobs?

Higher level mobs or bosses doesn't mean better content. Those 5 more levels really aren't going to make any difference, since most of the community is against it anyway I don't really see the benefit. Instead they should do something like a faction level requirement to go to a certain area, if you ...

Re: Pay to Win

No, it's not pay to win. The main issue we run into here is our definition of pay to win I define pay to win as a only players who pay for the game get a significant boost over playets who do not pay for the game. Otherwise you can say every game is pay to win because someone has to pay to make/deve...

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