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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

shalemont castle and gelebrons tower used to be a peaceful place where the villlage people hanged in harmony. Until a a dark day when darkness had risen. They captured the castle and tower keeping it for themselves ... With one hostage. The wife of the king. They sealed the doors with plasma, thanks...


Looking to buy the following items:
- royal shadowstrike ring
- grand shadowstrike ring
- 80-100 damage hrungir rogue brace
- sneaky attack aggy bracelet
- 200. Poison/heat aura set pieces

Perseus selling

Im currently selling the following: -idols -restos -heroic haste lix -heroic travel lix -heroic hp lix -heroic energy lix -super knowledge lix -super combos -blue armdair woad top and legs -sunbound red woad legs -sunbound purple woad top -purple woad legs taking offers on these items: - radiant dry...

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