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Re: The clan ascension

Hey I'm happy that y'all made a clan thats our name to begin with but we are the real deal :p long you don't copy us too much we all good xD also if y'all make a Clan named Nitro your gonna end up going down the same path as Danu xD Gl Ascension of Donn :D

Re: Trans vs Kudos

Cool it Dia, just because Nubtro Dont know Wtf they talking bout maybe they should look at who they follow. Love it how they said Asc are bullies. When really how the hell would you know if you never give them a try? I used to think the same thing when I was a Nub starting saying "Prime Sucks, ...

Re: Trans vs Kudos

Cus Nitro Hoards Drops and has Favortism and Lead with Airees in clan now. Hmmmmm i wonder why. She probs giving up on Kudos Like she Did Honor and TeamNitro. I do also Believe that Nitro has been around for a Long time while Trans been around for bout a Month and we are already Doing Great. Matter ...

Trans vs Kudos

Now we know that Kudos is supposed to be equal to Ascension. As Nitro would be Equal to Transcension. Well Trans clearly showed this past week that we aren't 'Nitro's Level' we are higher then that :D Never see Nitro Camping Aggy (which We got Today :p) and killing Ow bosses and Falg/Brutus. I would...

Rangers.... A Dying Breed?!

Im from Danu and since update ive noticed that there are No more little nubby Rangers. Which makes me sad because the ranger class is Deeply important. All I've noticed that there is a Warrior Invasion. Half of Transcension are Warriors. Y'all mind telling me Why Us rangers are Going away? I mean iv...


For those that were wondering who we are We are a Better version then PreAscension. Much more active then PreA ever was and Has the back up of Asc. People who have had A Bad Exp in PreA are seriously Advised to Give us a try. We do not Allow Slackers. Being in a boss group Reqs you to Be there and a...

Re: Kudos: The Recent Break in Trust

I do admire the whole "Mr.Merc" thing but i do not need it. Yes some i rather not see certain people in Asc. Im in Trans now and its really to train more recruits and to hope they will be happy and have a fun time in Asc when they reach 140 :) And the peace of it is truely nice, the feelin...

Re: Selling

Yo dia you should really focus on Danu...got 34 more lvls to go bud :p

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