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Roots For Necro

Now this question been Bugging me. Been hearing talk bout Rooting Necro but people complain they need Full Support Druids. Like saying Freeze the druid on Mordy. What do you think? Would Roots really work? Or be better to Freeze him? Pls post your thoughts.


Out of All the Severs we will See what sever had the most Drama/Boss Kills/Badass drops/Nice people/Evil People/Most active/Dead sever/ and any other topics Pls post your Sever and what award it should be awarded :D pls do give a good reason why it should be givin ;) ill check in daily :D

My Little Back Story

Well... I been playing for a good long time id say bout 2012 I think. Well when I first started I was a nubby in Danu right off the boat and Lighting suckers up (Mage at the time) and I did what every Nub does and run around and kill stuff and due a few times. I quit for awhile due to RL. Then came ...

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