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Re: Player ratings!

On Danu we have a lot of nice folk and some unpleasant folk, it's time to find out who you are! No bashing allowed, no clan discussion either, this is all fun and games. So, lets rate! Categories Most friendly:Laxbro56 chatter box:XxDiabloxX Server clown:DeadFang Most helpful: Mastersk Most honest:...

Re: Druids...Unliked?!

Not unless you have some points into Energy Harvest... I use the skill when I'm not in combat (2k energy Sigs) I can't regen in battle. To Lazy to Use my Lvling Restos. So use Harvest, Also sucks the mobs energy so he can't skill you :)

Re: Has danu been shrouded in clan wars?

Cyp i do think I saw you at Nerco and dragging ghost. Either you really don't want people to contine their happiness and have fun with bossing without people (Kiero/Xeops/ImJamin/RichBack) ive seen a few nitro as well so dont act innocent and think you keep Ascension alive. Your just flys buzzing ar...

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