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Re: What Do YOU Think?

Yes vik i do think you were robbed of your stag. Yes Trans/Asc where the cool kids at. Yes maybe this is a time of bonding and repair of Danu. Yes most fighting is personal not all but most. Think about it. Airees was supported by Prime used them and made her own clan now she fights and stuff. LadyN...

Re: So it begins

Not a lot of High lvl Druids Dia. Also been Seeing Roze on a lot and is catching up unlike you dia i don't see you lvling

Re: Good grief

I'll admit a 3rd clan was around. Elite Alliance you know lol. But I'll follow Cryprus terms of Peace talk here and state my opinion. When a 3rd clan rises it ALWAYS gets warpped in with Airees and her 'Army'. She phases that "We are stronger together" or "We can topple Ascension and ...

Tower Predictions

So I'm on forums and nothin been posted in awhile so for the hell of it why not. Yes Tower is Next Week (March 17th) and in that time before tower Kudos got a 200 full (Congratulations Btw) also Ascension been getting back the players that have stopped playing as they grow in numbers. Nitro does wha...


Everyone says.. "Rogue can cream any class anyday" or "Can Solo any Boss anyday" they might get alittle cocky at time but ALSO hard to Gear. Yes they are a Pretty good DPS class but they aren't All that right? Pls Write your thoughts :) I have post on Ranger and Druid just like t...

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