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Re: A bug infested update

Casting wrote:
Arjunlite wrote:It seems Queen Medb has indeed succeeded in disrupting Ostara!

that tricky devil ._.

They should make the queen lvl 210 and make her like Necro with awesome drops but better ;) so we also get to put Her 6ft under

Re: Bye

Good bye old friend... You had a messed up humor but we had fun anyways :) have a good one and check in here and there why don't ya. See you around.

Re: Who's Your Best Mate On Danu

I wanna add Laxbro/Micky/Genesis on my list they pretty awesome guys Along with Nith and LikeATroll. Sure I may have rouge patches but these mates always helpped me when I asked for help Lisa a well Best damn people in game :) P.S @Micky & @Genesis you guys aren't alone but I seem to be the Anno...

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