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Re: Continuous Propaganda!!

*sigh* be honest here mate both clans have their good dudes/Gals and bad dudes/gals don't try to speak as Kudos is a Holy Grail of Danu. I'm pretty sure you aint doing a good job of leadership aswell. So also to your post saying Smeags are bad? Look at yours and compare it mate. Basicly the same so ...

Re: Thinking of returning

Hey Maldor, don't be an Ass this time :P anyway Danu hasn't changed Kudos got weaker and lossing more people Pheonix is coming up to then pretty fast and stuff and just everything the same since ya left. Happy Huntin

Re: To Ascension Clanmates

It wasn't his item, it was a clan item earned by a group of 20+ people. He earned the right to use it, per clan rules. ..to sell outside clan is an insult to others who could have used it and those who also helped earn it. People know our clan rules, it's not a secret. If you want to run a clan of ...

Re: To Ascension Clanmates

Hey I know we All have the grudges and all and I'm all in for fighting and Bashing eachother but lets try to keep this peaceful hahahaha I love y'all and Donko if your referring to me we have never met :o and Arach your just not that cool bruh :P

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