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Re: Sulis

The bad reputatuion post the OP referenced only seemed to invilve about maybe 5 players max so would not consider it a huge problem If i was a player reading that, I would not cross sulis off my list. Besides otm is taking care of what had been mentioned. I dont play sulis nor am I trying to get you...

Re: My Experience on Sulis

Sounds like the leaders are using you and every clansman/recruit. If the you and your fellow clansman make up the majority of damage due to numbers and are also the ones who do all the camping just start a new and more fair clan. What will the leaders be able to do about that? You will definitely fa...

Re: Cross platform

I was ready during the last week of june for when it was supposed to happen, but at least it's happening. Havent played for about 3 years and I have been waiting to reconnect. Also my signiture will change.

Too bad I wont be able to play till about 8:30pm tommorow because of work.

Re: Come tooooo Mabon

If i dropped a lollypop on the floor of the candy shop and started crying, would i be given a new one for free? Are the toilets cleaned daily? I dont plan on coming to mabon, but a question some people might want to know is what is getting mid level gear like warden through frozen like. I know there...

Re: Issues with the Level Lock Penalty for Proteus and Gelebron for End Game Players

While i agree the level lock is good for the lower bosses it should not be needed for the final boss of the games content (gele and prot? if i knew what prot was) Correct me if i am wrong but isnt the main part of the thread about the lock for those two bosses which are supposed to be the end of the...

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