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Re: do you believe?

if there are aliens out there, they wont be spending the time to get from their planet to earth. there might be other intelligent lifeforms just like us somewhere out there, and considering the infinity of space it's likely. There might even be "aliens" looking for foreign life as we type

Re: Better tank helmet? End game advice

Mordy helm vs DL helm HP:675 vs 200 Evasions: 600 vs 200 Defence: 600 vs 150 Armor: 5 vs 132 Resists: None vs All Skill bonus: none vs shatter 3:3 right here, that didn't solve unfathomable. ***. As a tank, shatter won't be used much, as your points are mainly going to be in defensive formation, shi...

Re: When Will It End! Establishing a Final Reachable lvl cap

To be honest I just want OTM to do this: Hard cap of 215, add mobs up to that level, make levelling faster Keep adding bosses, major quests, and gear quests Give more to do like mount hunting, minigames Enable crafting and basic life skills That way we will have a lot of content, and it's more of a ...

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