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CH Rangers Band!

I was trying to find chats for various classes where I could ask questions of all the experts from various servers in one place, and I was told buy a couple of Rangers that they were unaware of such a thing existing for their class so I created one. I am by no means an expert, but I will gladly push...

Re: Double Plat and 1.5x XP

You guys been trolled says November read carefully you already missed it It's either wrong, or referring to a different year. The days of the week line up with the dates in December as well as a message saying it's during the Christmas holiday. Assuming the typo is that it's December instead of Nov...

Re: Ring Stats Question

Critical chance is not one of the options. Are you thinking critical skill by chance? You should absolutely not give up here + 5 double attack ring. Overall you don't want ability rings in your build. rings that add skill points are good, but things that add to critical strike, critical skill, schol...

Re: Ring Stats Question

Novex wrote:Question about a +200 treasure hunter ring. Is it worth using at al?

No. The chances for it to drop double gold are increased so slightly but it is not worth using. anything that adds directly to stat points or skill points will likely be drastically better

Re: YES Omg

On another awesome note... there' EVEN MORE rain in Shalemont! Lol

Could we at least have the River flood if it's gonna rain for actual years with no break?

Also could we maybe get a MacCroin fashion quest for galoshes, a poncho, a hood etc? And maybe full effect set gives you an umbrella?

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