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Re: Level build

Lol pummel no no until u got pummel gear but he said alt I'm assuming he's 50lower so don't use pummel till ancient wyrm gear or dl lol I'm go 3vit 2str shatter rupture pro stance double atk 15lvls ahead of you and rest in giant swing if u have skill rings don't go over the skill use those points f...

Re: Level build

3/2 str/vit build is safest bet until you get settled into things.until u get some energy regent or energy boosting gear put at Max 30 points in foc and leave dex at 5-15 Max.....as early as possible get your hands on rupture and run a skill list of - shatter - rupture - pummel - pro stance - double...

Re: Leaderboards

No 1 PvP'r...now I wish more people would fight me ....mikexxx your my biggest challenge still but Antonio still hasn't/wont duel me grrr I am? But I'm a rogue lol I'm pretty much unbeatable in the right build but your my biggest competitor and 50/50 who wins the rest so far I beat 95% of the time ...

Re: 10k Damage

About the 520dmg auto attack mark lol but a crap load of armour and vit.even has a DPS I hit about 780dmg but with rupture up to about 2900dmg at boggans 155

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