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Re: On Balor

You guys sound so mature and kindhearted unlike some demons on Crom. Just got dice scammed 3k yesterday; done with dicing. :roll: We dont approve of dicing on balor. Anyone that trys to host dice we block. You're welcome lol, the power really is in the people's hands in games like this, all you nee...

Re: Power Leveling Services

I love it how no one read the fact that it was a joke and is taking it serious....people are not really bright on here. Of course he is a dopehead so what can I expect. *Sighs* no need for the personal bashes. and obviously people are bright on here. im sure 70% are at least brighter than you. They...

Re: Fingal vs balor

Dopefreshtrill wrote:Which server has friendly people and have Good clans just downloaded on phone which server should I join

Hey bud...delete your precious post :) been on both servers but my main is Balor.got an alt up to lvl 17 on fungal then got bored and deleted and moved to Balor permanently but that's just me

Re: Level build

Get sigils to narrow the time you need to regen between battles. Until lvl 46, work on a 2vit-2str-1foc stat build. After this, 3str-2vit. Don't worry about energy. Warden, met, frozen sets etc. will solve it with aura. For skills, Rupture, Shatter, Double Attack and Pummel should be enough. That's...

Re: Haste bonus Vs skills

SmartOne96 wrote:If you are 160 you should be able to tank aggy. Are you guys short on druids and support mages?

Na man we have lvl 162 and 170 warrior too.the way I see it so far is its being organised for next week then it changes to following week and so on

Re: Haste bonus Vs skills

It only affects auto attack speed. If you are a caster you can only get single skill cd reduction gear. Take my advice and make a rogue, ranger, or warrior. Ye man I'm a lvl 160 warrior was just trying to figure if more beneficial for me to use a comrak ring or haste ring as I use very little auto ...

Haste bonus Vs skills

Hi all. I'm wondering does anyone know if having Haste in use as a lux item or lix increases your skill cool down OR just you autoattack? Testing it out it seems to not affect skill cool down.anyone else have any thoughts?

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