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Re: Trasnfer from Lugh

I play on Lugh atm would like to move to com anyways I'm still getting more items and upgrading it so far this is what I got - Dagger of slaying selling on lugh then transfer gold (maybe) - party crowns (May be useless) - Sunfire ice charm (or will sell on lugh for more cash) - lvl 40 event ring +1...

Re: Sell golden camo charm

NUKEGURL wrote:Im interested, do you have a specific price? (3-5) mil? Etc. How many chests would like for the charm? Please don't say offer because it can be as low as 1 chest and as high as u would like to sell it with.

Pm me if that helps, thx!
this is danu not crom

Danu to crom xfer.

looking to xfer some items to crom.

80% 10% skormskimmer
Hero ammy
Hero gloves
Some fashion items

Will swap golden magic quiver and 50k for a golden ice blade. message on fourms or in danu-Kola

Re: Goodbye guys

the only no was from u coz i beat ur scrawny ass in arena when ever I saw u, then when u chaught up to me whilst I was away, u tryed to shape up to me, the result was no different. And I'm glad they don't want me, tbh, I dont want them Kudos is the better clan in my mind. My soul is forever with th...

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