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Re: And this is why I left

Alphachicken wrote:Sorry I came here to read more about these clan wars but, what is kola name on rhia be won't be doing well for a while :3 if you let me know.

i dont play you cocåine addicted 40 yr old.

Re: And this is why I left

[quote="Invisible"]we can care less, remember those times where u begged me to get you into prime? Or when you said prime is the best? Or you begged me for cash to help you lvl? or when you begged me to help u get mind obsy so u can level and JOIN prime? Now that you joined it, and quit th...

And this is why I left

Incase you haven't figured it out yet, danu is manuer. As i've seen post "prime" and kudos are still fighting. You guys all need to grow up, TBH your never going to get anywhere in this game. Kudos, making level 100 warriors? your maturity level is as much as a 5 year old non potty trained...

Re: Ascension

Smidge wrote:Ascension is same rules, same people same everything just a different name as our leader went inactive for more than a month.

who is you leader now

Re: Where did he go?

Smidge wrote:After he joined prime he seemed to lose interest in the game because we all out leveled him and he couldn't do anything really.
He never was a good leveler so think he just gave up lol P.S I MISS HIM TOO.

his alt rogue is 180

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