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Selling mind tab of marble(offer) or tradeing it for mind tab of obsidian.

Also buying purple crest of stag. mssg me ign is Kola

Re: To clarify

Flan02 wrote:Ik u are not swiper, u never spammed me with : I love u, Think about the kids we got and more things i dont say xD. But we didnt talk for a long time. Last time u said : im quiting and thats a long time ago. Hope we can talk again :D

oh im back lol.

Re: So long my friend...

im not good at these things but... i will miss you and always remember you with your great hammer smashing threw the mobs all around you. one of my great friends second ever person on my friends list he taught me the ropes of celtic heroes i remember farming double attack with you for hours and get...

To clarify

People are saying im swiper xD.
Question 1: who the foca is swiper
Question 2: I haven't been online in 7 focaing months.
Question 3: i heard he scammed frosty, i can personally send him a mssg via kik and have it confirmed im not this swiper, or u can ask Skyler.

Either way, Coca Kola says bye :)


2nd rarest boggan charm(25k)
Snowbound green frostguard hat(10k)
Frostbite tome(8k)

Buying mind tabs of obsidian

im back

hello danu, it's kola and im back. i probably suck on this game now but whatevs, cya ingame :)

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