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What's up danu, still arguing?

Re: Hi...

Invisible wrote:either way, you are not welcome in ascension after u said when leaving danu.

and when did I say I wanted to rejoin? Still have problem irl invis or has that settled down?

Re: Active and good servers?

Do you want the best piece of advice ever? Don't listen to anyone about which server is the best. Make a toon on every server and just interact with people in the castle for about half an hour. You'll get a pretty good idea of the general atmosphere there. Also check forums of every server to see t...


Hi danu... some hate, some like. How is it here, Kudos and prime still fighting or has that ended since the past year and a half?

Re: BeAtTz- enough is enough

I vote shivonne Not everyone gets along with Shivonne. And regardless whether they do or not, what's to say he has the leadership skills that people look for or expect? I see very good leadership and wiseness in shivonne as he's never doing anything to harm anyone besides with dl and a mordy helm.

Re: Omg stop.

Also, mods, please lock this topic. We have an angry spider on a rampage! Urmergaurd u do know mods not gonna listen to u right they lock wat they plz Lol stop callin the shots lol First, please spell my name right. Second, im not calling the shots. I just was bringing this post to their attention ...

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