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Re: Godly BT Drops

Good godlies are fake news except on Nuada and Epona. I’ve submitted tons of feedback to VR on this only to be made fun of. The only reason not to improve the loot tables is because there is not any new content coming out in the next 18 months and this is supposed to keep us grinding for the next 5 ...

Re: Pureness

In my opinion the only accessibility that needs to be addressed is in the frequency of drops. In Gele it should drop 2 pures and 1 class conflux, and Prime should drop one class conflux and one pure garunteed. This small adjustment would impact the game positively without cheapening the work done to...

Re: DG sets on your server

GWidion only has 5 but that’s because of a choice Relentless has made to spread the pures across its player base. Of the current clan members that are classified as mains we have distributed 177 pures. We have probably another 100+ pures that have left the clan or retired.

Reset time

They k you for changing up the reset time. Today’s reset was great for our clan. We were able to sweep all raid bosses including Bloodthorn.

Re: Best server/class

Really any class but rogue works as a cheapish class to play. Mages are fun but I’ve never enjoyed solo leveling them, too heavy on that resto spam, but they are fun af to level if you can get a partner to lix with. In the end pick whatever class you want to play and enjoy the mechanics of. You wil...

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