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Re: Comp servers

I love a little competition, however, with the current stated acceptance of loot systems that only allow for truly good drops to land once every 6 months (that’s a hyperbole truly good drops don’t even drop that often) it’s hard not to take a hardcore approach at cutting out competition. Last summer...

Re: What is coming in 2019

Difinitus had this to say here : We have another update planned in a few months this Spring that includes a new area and quality of life improvements. As well as this here The beta reward will be coming out with the next big update this Spring. We don't have a set date on when that will be, but rig...

What is coming in 2019

Perhaps I have missed it but I would like to know what is coming this year.

Lately I’ve been focused on the abysmal drop rates of anything good. I guess I might be tempted to ignore that if I knew what new and exciting things VR is working on

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