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Re: It ain’t perfect

Yes and the new boss has been incredibly fun to figure out. I love that it’s more of a raid and less of a dps sponge. Teamwork and efficiency is refreshing thing to see needed.

Side note: grats to epona and morrigan for killing new boss!

Re: New boss

We are working on a strategy right now. Boss is interestingly different than any other. We’ve learned a lot in 18 hours and are close. The mastermind strategists of our clan are working details out now to overcome what we’ve seen.

Re: Favorite addition to game.

I really like the battlemounts. The extra stats are awesome, the speed is really good and I think they’re relatively balanced cost-wise (you can get basically 90% of the best benefit of a battlemount for not TOO much (tier 1), but if you have the dough (or time lol) and want that extra bit of bonus...

Re: Any update on the update?

Midweek last week beta testers got closed out of beta feedback forum, which tells me they are compiling feedback and making adjustments. Because of how well the VR team seems to work on projects my guess is that we will have a roll out within the next 10 days.

Purely speculation.

Favorite addition to game.

What has been your favorite addition to the game and why?

For me it was a recent addition: BLoodthorn Helmets. Full doch is OP and the addition of helmets has made it so end game players have a slightly easier time getting there. Plus they are the crowning price of a very difficult boss. Well done!

Re: Garden Mobs Question

two things to consider: 1) do you need to buy lix upgrades. At T4 faction the upgrades for ranger are better in the reaver encampment. The Lich give items that have focus and energy whereas the reaver lux gives health and vitality. 2) why do you want to get to T4. If it’s just to rush to be done wit...

Re: Comp servers

In my conversations with other clan leaders on other servers I do not know of one where lighthearted competition exists. I’ve visited with some that tried to have cooperative competition, and it worked for a short time; however in both of the situations that I am aware of one clan realized they were...

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