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Re: Would you start a new clan or join a small clan to compete with endgame clans?

Instead of making clans fight each other for bosses when there is a massive size difference, let there be a natural progression. Same way aggy is now irrelevant, there needs to be bosses implemented to make hrung and necro irrelevant, so smaller clans can kill them without competition. BT kind of d...

Re: Chest rates gone better?

I couldn't say if the drop rates are good but so far I got a lot of mounts, capes, seedlings, phoenix eggs, dragon eggs, mount tokens (A LOT - it can make 2 spirit mounts for my 2 alts), pet tokens. For 7,000+ chest openings (just this weekend) I have got quite a lot of good items. Wow thanks for s...

Epona’s system origins

Most of you guys know me from Beta tests, etc. I’m always looking to improve things in the server I primarily play on. I’m curious how Epona’s system of working together originated and how you’ve overcome hurdles such as clans wanting to be dominant.

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