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Re: Chest rates gone better?

I couldn't say if the drop rates are good but so far I got a lot of mounts, capes, seedlings, phoenix eggs, dragon eggs, mount tokens (A LOT - it can make 2 spirit mounts for my 2 alts), pet tokens. For 7,000+ chest openings (just this weekend) I have got quite a lot of good items. Wow thanks for s...

Epona’s system origins

Most of you guys know me from Beta tests, etc. I’m always looking to improve things in the server I primarily play on. I’m curious how Epona’s system of working together originated and how you’ve overcome hurdles such as clans wanting to be dominant.

Re: It ain’t perfect

Yes and the new boss has been incredibly fun to figure out. I love that it’s more of a raid and less of a dps sponge. Teamwork and efficiency is refreshing thing to see needed.

Side note: grats to epona and morrigan for killing new boss!

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